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Magnolia Wind performs "Misery Business" Live at The Hilson Studio
"Live at The Hilson Studio" EP available now: Click Here

Our Story


Magnolia Wind are an incredible, award-winning, husband and wife duo with a unique combination of Americana, Rock, Country, and Folk.  Both being accomplished musicians, Chris and Kristen as a two-man-band provide a much bigger sound than you expect from a duo. The two have captivated and connected with audiences everywhere they play. 

Kristen Butler - Vocals, Bass
Chris Butler - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals




One Country - Top 11 Artists to Watch in 2017
"Kristen Brassel (Butler) and Chris Butler's debut EP, Take One, overflows with smooth melodies, gripping harmonies and gutsy songwriting. Standouts such as "Ghosts" and "Heal Our Souls" are the kind of impactful recordings which cement careers and will undoubtedly take them to the next level. 2017, you better get ready."

Franklin Strap - NAMM 2018
"...a remarkably talented and kind couple."

B-Sides & Badlands - Essay: Independent Artists Discuss Booking Shows & Crushing Blows

  • Awarded 2016 Artist of the Year by Mississippi Music Foundation
  • Awarded 2016 Best Original Song by Mississippi Music Foundation
  • Over 100,000 plays on YouTube in less than 1 week.   
  • Over 80,000 streams on Spotify
  • Performed at NAMM Show 2018

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